Voice Over

How many times have you been told “You have an amazing voice! You should do voiceover!”

If only it was that easy. Becoming a professional voiceover actor takes practice, discipline, and professional guidance. This package offers you step-by-step instruction on how to train yourself to be a professional voiceover actor.

Our services include:

  1. Helping you find the right classes and coaches
    Getting professional advice is essential in becoming successful in the industry. Don’t waste your time getting false advice from inexperienced people, and instead trust our expert consultants who have been representing voiceover talent for over 20 years and have strong relationships in the industry.
  2. Teach you how to set up a home studio for recordingSetting up a home studio is important and is what all the professional voiceover actors are doing. However, it is important to set it up correctly to suit your voice, reading style, and environment. Our professionals will advise you on the proper equipment and editing software personalized to you and your voice! We will also advise you on the proper environment to set up your personal studio in.
  3. Help you prepare a voiceover demo reel that will get you noticedYour voiceover demo reel is your calling card to the outside world. It is 100% necessary to obtain an agent and to have a personalized voiceover demo reel because it will help your agent pitch YOU for auditions. Even better, if your reel is done right, there are times you can get jobs without even auditioning!

Let our professionals give you our insider tips to help you save time and money and put together the tools that will lead your voiceover career to success!