Jazmyn Simon – series regular on Ballers for HBO; Parks & Rec’s; Welcome to the Family

Amy Paffrath – Dating Naked for VH-1; 2 Broke Girls; Sullivan & Son

David Carreno – recurring role on The Bridge
Noah Longo – Kirstie; Think Like A Man; Book Club

Jessica Runck – The Exes; Southland

“My half hour session with Karen was so valuable. As an actor who is really working hard to take all the right steps, it’s incredible to come across people like Karen who really have a heart for sharing their experience and knowledge with actors with the genuine end game of helping them succeed. It was so clear while talking to her that she really loves this industry and loves to watch actors thrive — and that showed me that the advice I was getting from her was the right advice. I now know the specific next steps that I need to be moving towards and am able to feel confident in the knowledge that the ARE the right steps. I can walk away from this consultation with total assurance that I have the tools I need to succeed.

In this town, there are so many people that say they have the secret to success, and want your arm and leg in exchange for it. There are seedy, greedy people who take advantage of actors’ eager desire to get to do what the love for a living. It is SUCH a shining light in the darkness to come across people like Karen, and companies like Hollywood-Connections. I now know that I have a place to come back to if I should feel lost or unsure about my direction as an actor.” – Laney S. 

“I’ve been in the biz for a little over 3 years now as an actor and thought I had everything together for the most part regarding my headshots, demo reel, and approach to finding management, but after a private consultation with Manager Karen Forman I quickly realized that there was sooooo much I had wrong.  Karen has over 25 years of experience and gave me the kind of advice that I WISH I had years ago but never really had anyone to turn to except for what I read on internet forums and articles.  She gave me real solid advice and details on exactly how I should and shouldn’t market myself, and now I’m feeling way more comfortable getting myself out there than I did before.  Presentation is key, y’all!  You might think you know it all from reading a bunch of articles and talking to a few people, but talking to someone like Karen or anyone on her team is priceless!  It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re brand new, curious, or a somewhat “experienced” actor.” – Ron N.