kids in the industry

As a young person have you ever wondered what it would be like to be on the big screen? Are you absolutely clueless regarding the whole process of getting an agent and taking headshots? Parents, do people ever tell you that your child has star quality or that killer smile? Are you tired of all the online scams and distrustful services?

Where do you start? Hollywood-Connections is a trusted and honest service dedicated to giving you or your child advice on how to begin. Breaking into the acting business is pretty scary being so young and having so much competition surrounding you, but we’re here to help. Our consultants have been assisting actors in both on-camera acting for television and film, as well as in voice overs and commercials for over 25 years.

These years of experience, their wealth of knowledge is vast and they’re here to help you. You’re going to meet many challenges in becoming an actor and our consultants are here to help guide you through and make the best of them. Our consultants have represented hundreds of actors who have gone on to starring in television shows, films, Broadway productions and commercials.

Instead of surfing the internet and getting scammed into paying incredible amounts of money for horrible, unworthy advice, check out Hollywood-Connections, the honest and trustworthy site so your child can become the best actor they can be!