headshotandresumeYour headshot and resume are two of the most important, if not THE most important tools in your arsenal as a professional.

In fact Casting Directors can tell within seconds if you are a “Professional” or an amateur in this business just by looking at your headshot and resume. It is like an insider’s secret code that helps Casting Directors weed out the wannabes from the serious players in  town.

With so much at stake on these tools it is no wonder actors spend hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars to get the right headshot to get you in the door. With this consultation, Hollywood-Connections will review both your headshot and resume, tell you if it is working for you or not. We will talk about whether or not it represents who you are and appeals to casting directors. We will also discuss wardrobe, looks and resume placement which is crucial in having the right people pay attention to you!

Why gamble with your future? Save hundreds of dollars and countless hours of frustration with a simple consultation on one of your most important tools. Let’s work together to pick out a good shot!